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PLEASE NOTE: Your contribution is NOT tax deductible.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE !!!! BizHosting has disabled our Shopping Cart option because this is a free website. Since ALL the monies collected on this site are going to help Boomer, we cannot afford to pay for a website to get the shopping cart option. You MUST EMAIL us about your sponsorship. We accept money orders, cashier checks, personal checks, and you can Use your CREDIT CARD thru PAYPAL. Just click on "Contact Us Page" on the left menu and you can click on our email address or on a Link to PayPal.

ALL of your contribution will go to Boomer's surgeries. The free photos and free T-shirts offered with contributions are at our personal expense, as is the postage in the US (International shipping is extra) and any expenses associated with this website.

Please see Free Photo and T-shirt page for details aboutyour free T-shirt, and a close-up of the pattern. Pleae email your color and size requirements as explained on the Free Photo & T-Shirt Page.

Please read our Veternarian's letter for confirmation of Boomer's condition. We will be glad to address any questions you might have if you email us at

We will also be happy to provide you with updates via email as to Boomer's condition after each surgery. The surgeries will have to be at least 6 months to 1 year apart, according to the orthopedic surgeon.